Saturday, August 16, 2014

Post-Op Funnies and an Update

Didn't someone once say that laughter is medicine for the soul? Boy, did we need some laughter last night because our souls were so sad. Watching Brandon in so much pain was devastating and heart wrenching. If you've ever watched someone you love be in excruciating pain, you know the awful feelings it evokes in you. Like watching your child fall and get hurt and cry that "what-just-happened-to-me?-please-take-this-pain-away" cry.

Misery. Instant knotted-up-pain-in-your-gut misery.

One of the things we joked about before surgery was how I was going to record Brandon as he was waking up from the anesthesia to capture any "funnies." Some people come out of surgery and are a stitch and their YouTube video gets a million hits because they flirt with the nurse post wisdom teeth removal. Brandon was in too much pain in recovery for me to video (although I did take one picture to capture the sheer pain and pitiful moment we shared) but he did say some things that were all at once both precious (and tender) and hilarious.

I got a "Bethanyyyyyyyyy... Thank you for marrying meeeeee" in the recovery room. :)


I also got a "Bethanyyyyyyy... I love youuuu. You're beautiful... And we have AWESOME kids." :)

<> "Aw babe, I love you too and yes! we do have awesome kids!"

Brandon kept murmuring all evening through the cries of pain "We are so blessed, so so blessed" and telling me how beautiful I am.

How did I end up with this man? This man who has lived for so long in pain and discomfort and yet he's here in his hospital room telling me how beautiful I am. I am so blessed!

He kept asking all evening and into the wee hours of the morning "am I doing ok?" and "do I have a good attitude?" He's a far better patient than I could ever be! The nurses and aides all love him because he is so kind and not demanding at all. He remembers all of their names and when the aide - Vivian - walked in last night, she thought he was asleep so she quietly walked to the other side of the bed and we heard Brandon say "Hey Viv!" ... I guess they're on a personal nickname basis! We got a real kick out of that!

Today, Brandon has been able to get out of bed and sit up to eat. And when I say eat, I mean, he's managed to keep down a few bites of jello and some spoonfuls of chicken broth. Woohoo!

Poor guy. He's been so long without food (over a week now!), and he's so excited that it won't hurt to eat anymore, that he's been dreaming of everything he'll be able to eat once he's out of here. We can't hardly watch tv without hearing a "oooooooooooh yeah" during food commercials and apparently his sense of hearing has been heightened since being here, because he can hear even my stealth-like moves with the fork gliding through the air toward my mouth and comes up with a quick "what are you eating NOW, Bethany?!"<>

The boys came to visit today and that has been the highlight of his day. He has told me over and over that he misses his buddies and that we have awesome kids. Paxton was very good and kept asking Brandon "how you doin' now Dad?" and "can I see where the doctors fixed your belly, Dad?" And Maverick wanted so badly to climb on the bed with Brandon that I had to hold him back! Oh, I can't wait until we can all be at home together again!

His incision site has continued to bleed through the night and today so we are praying for no infection and that it would heal quickly. The pain is being managed fairly well right now and we're trying to stay on top of it so he doesn't get to the place where he was last night.

Thank you for putting up with my constant updates and begs for prayer. We have been overwhelmed with the support we've received and feel so loved. Brandon asks several times a day if I will sit down and read all the messages, texts, and comments to him and I know that is so good for his spirit to know there is an army of supporters out there praying for him. We love you all.

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