Saturday, September 19, 2015

Crohn's Attack Number... ?

I briefly had the thought this morning that I couldn't remember which number hospital visit this was... don't worry, I figured it out. This is visit number 4 (5 if you count the fact that one visit we were at 2 different hospitals).


Brandon and I were so excited about this weekend. First off, we had both arranged for our moms to watch the boys for our anniversary - Brandon's mom on Friday night and my mom was coming to watch them Saturday night. I mean 9 years - that deserves some celebrating, ya know?! #boom PLUS, our church's 3 year anniversary is Sunday and we were stoked about celebrating. Brandon had worked hard on some of the details of the day and I personally was looking forward to the food trucks after the service :)

We went out to dinner last night while Joan watched the boys for us and had a great time. Ironically, Brandon chose not to have a salad with his meal because he didn't want to aggravate his stomach...


At 4 this morning, he woke up in severe pain and went downstairs to try and wait it out. About an hour later he came and woke me up and about 15 minutes after that he started violently getting sick. (Maybe too many details, but this is our normal now so sorrynotsorry.) We called his mom to see if she could come stay with the boys so we could go to the hospital and Brandon quickly went downhill. I ended up calling a dear friend who lives down the street and at 6 o'clock on a Saturday morning, she graciously showed up at my doorstep with her baby to stay with the boys. Thank you thank you thank you.

I'll try not to be so longwinded, but I have to share this small victory with you. When we arrived, the waiting room was about 3/4s full and every new patient was being told it was over an hour wait. A patient who had been there for a while already came up to the front to ask how much longer and she was told she would be next. I texted some close friends and family and asked them to begin praying for a bed for Brandon. Within 10 minutes we were taken back - even before the "next" patient! He is on a stretcher in the hallway, but his care was started and we are so grateful and celebrating that miracle!

Crohn's stinks, and we're waiting on scan results now... I have this funny feeling we're looking at surgery this time around, but our God is good and I trust Him!

Please join us in prayer! We love you all and will update when we can!